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The Mills Team is like an orchestra of superb musicians conducted by the incomparable Sue Mills! Sue and her team left no stone unturned, no base uncovered. They thought of everything, and everyone worked in concert to make our whole experience seamless. Buying and selling homes can be a harrowing, bewildering experience, but they made it seem easy. We have never seen such precision and dedication before. But the true value came at the negotiating table, where Sue’s skills, experience, warmth and plain smarts were on awesome display. We honestly cannot praise this group enough.

David and Carol Shamoon

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to work with the entire Mills Team.  The home buying process can be stressful and tiring but The Mills Team knows this and does everything they can to make the process smooth, simple and even fun!  We never felt any pressure whatsoever to make a purchase and throughout the entire process we received wonderful advice on the biggest investment of our lives.  We can’t imagine ever using other Realtors besides The Mills Team!

Josh LeBrun and Paige Ogrodnick

The Mills Team provided timely and practical advice, responded promptly to questions, and dealt with everything calmly and professionally. I was especially impressed by Sue’s interaction with the other agent and the purchasers when the offer was tendered. I would highly recommend the entire team.

Dana Lampe

Nothing frustrates a client more than working with an agent that seems more interested in a pay cheque than the client’s best interests. The Mills Team made us feel like they were on our side. We’ve dealt with some shady agents in the past and it’s hard to get that bad taste out of your mouth, but you guys helped us realize that there are some honest agents out there!

Stuart Knight and Marina Degteva

When we first met Sue Mills we were impressed at how well informed and knowledgeable she was about the current real estate market. Our very positive experience with Sue has proven she shows good judgement, patience and kind consideration of her clients. We cannot think of anything that could have been improved upon. At first the experience of selling our house seemed quite daunting, but Sue’s good suggestions and calming demeanour helped make the whole thing less stressful. Sue was very respectful towards the bidding clients and handled the whole evening very professionally. We couldn’t have been more pleased by the outcome. Even the follow up moving ideas are appreciated. We would certainly recommend the whole Mills Team.

Barbara and Thomas Munford

Everything about our experience was excellent. Sarah and The Mills Team were extremely attentive and knowledgeable. They addressed all of our questions and demonstrated how valuable it is to have a high quality real estate team. They are absolutely wonderful to work with. As first time buyers, it was very comforting to know that we had an agent who was so experienced and one that we truly felt would look out for our best interest.

Danielle Sampson and Mark Hutton

Sarah impressed us from the first meeting when she came prepared with research on our condo and tons of info about The Mills Team. She helped us figure out exactly what we were looking for and then she got it for us. She was such a great resource when prepping for the sale of the condo to help us get it ready for going on the market, which then sold in only 2 days. Now that we’re preparing to move, her recommendations on contractors have been so helpful. The Mills Team goes way above and beyond.

Jill Parsonage and Jaimie Adelman 

Sarah, along with The Mills Team, treated us like family throughout this entire process. When you are investing in the Toronto market you want to ensure that you are working with an agent that understands the market and has a great relationship with other agents in the area. The Mills Team has both of those qualities which was extremely evident when we sat down at the table on offer night with other agents. Sarah is respected in the circle of agents she was dealing with and that played a significant role in the bidding process on offer night.

As young home buyers we needed an agent that was able to put us at ease and help us navigate through strategies of buying and selling in the Toronto Market. Sarah was outstanding at walking us step by step through the process, often several times. She was extremely patient with our questions and very timely in her responses to any of our questions sent over email or by phone. Sarah even sat with us as we worked through our numbers during our buying process to ensure that we weren’t over extending ourselves. We truly valued her input and completely trusted her advice.

What I love about the Mills Team is that they really are truly looking after your best interests and value the long term relationship they are building with you.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the service The Mills Team has provided. We have felt like their #1 priority throughout this entire process and only hope that we get the opportunity to work with them in the future. Your team is truly in a class of their own and I can’t thank you enough for the support, commitment and outstanding advice you provided to us over the past 6 years.

Jennifer New and Trevor Meyerhoffer

In working with the members of The Mills Team, I have found them to be extremely honest, hardworking and patient. They have always made me feel that they were genuinely concerned about helping me make the best decisions for our family. I never felt rushed or pressured into any decision. They were more than open to showing me as many homes during the purchase phase as I was willing to see. Also, any member of the Team was always prompt to reply to any questions or concerns to both sale and purchase of our homes. I find each of them to be knowledgeable and helpful with purchases and sales. They are extremely easy to work with and always very pleasant!

Wendy Baker

Wonderful women that are so helpful and accommodating. I felt they were really working for us and with us! They were so flexible on timing, and great at explaining everything. The extras, staging, house inspection, etc. was excellent too!

Sarah was a real gem – and seemed as invested into selling the home as we were!

Tanya Sampson

The Mills Team and in particular, Sarah O’Neill were extremely professional throughout the purchase of and the sale of our properties. They offered sound advice on preparing the offer to purchase and through the sign backs. The suggestions made relative to preparing our property for sale were most effective as the house sold in just over one week. The guidance on working with the purchaser’s offer was greatly appreciated.

Any real estate transaction involves large sums of money and can create a great deal of stress. I can honestly say that Sarah worked extremely hard at making the process a wonderful experience. Sarah is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. The Mills Team will be recommended at every possible occasion.

Brian Hogan

I cannot thank The Mills Team enough for guiding me through this process and making the purchase of the new condo and the sale of the house possible. While I still found the process somewhat stressful, the team were able to reduce the level of stress considerably. I know I will be happy in my new home once I am settled there.

Sheila Smolkin

The Mills team was a huge asset to us on both the buy and the sell side. I imagine there are lots of good agents who can help with a straightforward sale but when things get complicated (as they unexpectedly did on both our buy and our sell side), having someone with the experience, knowledge and temperament of Sue Mills is truly invaluable. She got both deals done!

Jackie Taitz and Mike Hortobagyi

What we loved about The Mills Team: Kind and compassionate nature of everyone on the team, excellent knowledge about real estate, ability to show one’s house to perfection by arranging for expert staging, ability to organize all of the team to assist with staging the house to the best of its potential within a reasonable budget, preparing spreadsheet on costs and budget related to different combinations of the sale price and purchase price for the new property, highly responsive response to our questions and requests, and team approach so that one or the other member of the team can cover when one’s primary agent is absent. Most of all, we so appreciated Sue and Katie’s warm, honest and energetic nature.

Jane Irvine and Nicolai Geilich

We originally came to know of The Mills Team by chance, by attending one of their open houses. Their professionalism, market knowledge, and overall approach immediately made an impression on us. From the first day we met with The Mills Team, our whole experience has been wonderful. We can truly say that without their help, advice, and strategic decisions, we’d still be looking for our first home. The Mills Team was our difference maker in finding our first home and in selling our condo with as little stress as possible. Their dedication and responsiveness throughout the whole process, both buying and selling, was exceptional. We have already and will continue to recommend to all our friends looking to buy and sell their homes.

Matt Bishop and Alex Power

We can’t say enough about The Mills Team. They are professional, very hard working, caring and extremely knowledgeable. The experience of buying and selling with The Mills Team exceeded our expectations in every way: from their knowledge of the market on the sell side, to their advice on how best to prepare our home for sale, to the negotiation process (buy and sell), to making sure we didn’t settle when it came to buying our new home, we always felt like The Mills Team had our best interests in mind and wanted to make sure we were happy with every decision every step of the way. We couldn’t recommend the team more highly or have been more satisfied with their help, the process and the end results.

Ariana Birnbaum and Tim Brown

Sarah was A+ throughout the entire process. Understanding the marketing, providing above and beyond research and comparables for decision making, and understanding what I was looking for in a home on a personal level. I would hope to work with Sarah and The Mills Team on any future buying and selling. I always had the sense that there was a full team supporting me. From Diane’s assistance arranging the logistics of things and assistance with forms, to Katie and the rest of The Mills Team available to show homes and provide help whenever required pre and post-sale.

Rob Aoki

From ‘Start’ to ‘Finish’; every interaction was thoroughly prepared and logically presented in a manner that invited our participation and secured our understanding. The comprehensive Marketing Plan was adapted to ‘real-life’ circumstances and adjustments were never an issue. The introduction to skilled professionals for Home Staging, painting, plumbing and general repairs was very helpful to working professionals. We also appreciated Sue Mills’ encouragement when needed; de-cluttering 23 years of ‘stuff’ represented 1.56 tons of possessions that won’t be moved or sent on to Charity. It was tough and Sue knew an ‘atta-boy/girl’ at the right time would support our effort.

Bottom Line: we had 4 serious offers in 24 hours, selling price over listing with no conditions. Outstanding!

Scott and Leslie Baker

The professionalism, dedication, knowledge and honesty was by far superior to any real estate firm we have dealt with before. From the second we started our search for a new home to the final sale of our current home, we knew were in good hands and would be pleased with the outcome. Sarah is very dedicated to her clients and I can best describe her as a spitfire. Sarah was very responsive, forthright, patient and a welcome face at our door. Diane was always there to help and quick to answer our questions while Katie helped make the process fun, seamless and stress free.

Lisa and Bill Halahan

We truly experienced the professionalism and customer-centric approach of the entire Mills Team. Our goal was to find a great, “affordable” house in mid-town Toronto. We quickly realized the inherent challenges in attaining our goal and relied heavily on the collective Mills Team. We always had access to efficient support and specific market knowledge from multiple members of the The Mills Team. The most impressive and positive experience was a recognition that our satisfaction was of paramount importance. When we did eventually find “our house”, I think The Mills Team understood our buying criteria perhaps better than we did! We also appreciated the Team’s effective negotiation skills that greatly assisted on offer/closing day. Thank you The Mills Team…..we are truly excited about our new house!

Allyn and Laura Howe

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